Hubby’s Guest Post

The following is my husband’s offering for my birthday week guest post.  Thank you honey!!
I’d like to take a few moments and tell you about the neatest woman I know.
Her name is Kay. And she happens to be my wife! I met her back in the autumn
of 1992 when my family and I started attending the local church at which her
family were active members. Unfortunately, we didn’t really hit it off until
after high school. 

In the late summer of 1995, I was at Fort Benning,
Georgia, attending the US Army’s Airborne School – where you receive
training to become a paratrooper – and one day, at the end of the duty day,
just before they released us, they did mail call. And I received a letter
from Kay. It was a letter in which she reached out to me, talking about what
God had done in her life that summer, lamenting the way we were towards each
other in high school, and exhorting me to give my life to God. I read it but
frankly wasn’t overly impressed. 
Fast forward several months – I had completed Airborne School, and completed Ranger indoctrination training, and I was out in Fort Lewis, Washington, in one of the US Army’s Ranger
battalions. I went on leave (that’s vacation) and went home to Iowa for
Christmas. There at the airport was my family… as well as Kay and her family!  
Over the course of the next couple weeks we hit it off, kindled a
relationship… and the rest, as they say, is history! I married that young
woman on January 1, 1997. It has been my great privilege to have her as my
wife, friend, and closest confidant. Kay is remarkably brave, determined,
courageous, possessing remarkable strength of character. She’s adventurous,
always willing to go someplace new and try new things. She loves learning,
whether it be history, how to build and manage a blog, or experimenting with
a new recipe, or anything in between.

She’s sacrificial, willing to set aside her personal aspirations and desires for the sake of our children and
me. She’s particularly astute with electronics, able to tinker with wires
and such in order to make sound come out of our home entertainment speakers
or to make some gadget work again. Kay is diligent to encourage me to be
faithful in my ministry and she is quick to remind me of what is right in
God’s sight when I grow lazy or inward focused. She has the uncanny ability
to make friends wherever we go – I often say that people tolerate me so that
they can hang out around her. 
She is able to throw a football and go for a
long hike through the woods and yet she can soothe the children when they
are hurt or sad. Kay is able to calm me down when I am worked up about
something, and yet after 15 years she still finds it easy to get me “hot and
bothered” with just a look. Kay really is an amazing woman – everyone who
knows her agrees! – and I am thrilled that on Thursday of this week I get to
celebrate another one of her birthdays. 
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! May our
Lord give you many, many, more!
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