TopTen Toddler Feats

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little BlessingsMy toddler has done some amazing and noteworthy acts recently.  I have not been able to catch many of them on camera because truthfully, I am too busy reacting like a mother to the consequences of his actions.  But I thought I would share them with you now.

1. He is able to drag a chair to any obstacle keeping him from obtaining an object.  Chairs give him leverage over counters, the fridge, the china cabinet, and the storage bin for the remote controls and gaming controllers.

2. He can climb tall objects.  He is routinely found on the top of the rubbermaid bins in the storage area.

3.  He can empty the sugar shaker in no time quick!!

4. He can dig into the trash, grab a very small item, while easily dumping the spent coffee grounds all over the floor.  Oh, and he can do this very quietly so that no one knows what he is doing 😦

5. He can remain awake for hours even though everyone knows just how tired he is by his fit throwing, fussing, or rubbing eyes.

6. He is able to sleep for long periods of time as long as he has a fistful of my hair wrapped around his pudgy fingers 😦

7. He has the ability to grab the remote during a show and change channel or turn the TV off right at the climax of the problem scene or just before the ‘happy ending’ is revealed.  My older children really hate this ability.

8. He has the uncanny knack to shriek at me for a long period of time.  If I hollered that long and hard, I would have a splitting headache.

9.  My toddler can unroll toilet paper in the blink of an eye.

10. My toddler is able to just melt my heart when he run over to me and asks for “eek peez”… I then bend over and get a big kiss 🙂

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