Here comes school!

Wow, totally excited here for school to start.  I have had to put way more thought into it this year than before for a couple of reasons:
  • Here in Alaska the public school has an ‘independent studies’ program, which means I register the kids in the program and I get a portion of the money that would have been spent on their public education to use at the house.  HELLO, why on earth don’t other states do this???  You really should consider rattling some cages about this.  It is very similar to the school voucher thing that just can’t seem to pass on a government level.
  • My oldest is entering Jr High this year.  Things are a little more advanced and we are closing in on the grades that really matter for his future.  I take all of that pretty seriously.  We are building the foundation that will sustain a life time of learning (at least, I hope he continues to learn his entire life)
The record keeping and reimbursement are critical.  I have to keep receipts and make sure that the Individual Learning Plans are just right.  But there are fun things as well…
  • We are getting an iPad for school.  I have discovered so many wonderful education apps for the kids on my iPad that I budgeted the school money and requested one for this year.  The kids didn’t do very well on vocabulary this past year and they have already improved with a couple vocabulary apps this summer.
  • I get a new dry erase board!!  Ok, geeky I know, but I just love them.  The kids love writing on them as well, so I really consider this a bonus for our school room.
  • The school money won’t pay for a new computer desk (which died before the move) so that has to be acquired… but it will cover a ‘loaner’ computer for the school room (which also died before the move).  So we are getting a new computer that I can buy back from the school after 2 years should the Army move us again… and they will.
Anyway, I am just so excited that I wanted to share it with you all.  

4 thoughts on “Here comes school!”

    1. I really like it as well. The won’t pay for religious materials like bible curriculum or Christian based programs like BJU or Apologia, but I am actually OK with that. It means that they are not buying a ANY religious curriculum, know what I mean???

  1. How exciting! I can’t wait to start either. I think that sounds like a great plan! We fought for a School Choice bill in SC but it didn’t make it. What ticks me off is the people against it…even homeschoolers were against it, because to get the $$ you are required to show accountability. It wasn’t much, just attendance and grades. Personally I am a fan of it, and do it already, but there were a lot of them here that didn’t want to have to prove they actually do school. Congrats on the iPad! I have that on my wishlist. Maybe Christmas.

    1. Yea, see I have no problem with a standard and a low level of record keeping. Unfortunately there are plenty of folks that just don’t put any effort into it and want to be left alone about that. Not cool. I still want to hear about what you guys will be doing this year. We get so busy and the time difference is SERIOUSLY throwing me off!!! I was actually shocked when you responded about the apple pie thing. I thought “oh duh, 4 hours!!!” 😉

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