The other side of the story.

There are always at least 2 sides to every story.. sometimes more.  The United States felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Ladin.  However, the flip side of the press conferences and the media blitz is the fact that Operational Security (OPSEC) was compromised.

Civilian folks may not fully understand what that all entails.  As a military wife, and more importantly, a Chaplain’s wife, I do get it.  There are things that should never be explained to the public and should never be released to the media.  I understand in this world of modern technology and Twitter where every moment of life can be shared instantly, when it comes to military intelligence and national security, some things just can’t.
Trust me, there are  plenty of times when my husband just can’t tell me what is going on, and yes that can be so frustrating.  But I do get it, I don’t need to know all things.  And folks, we just didn’t realize what those nationally televised news conferences meant for our folks in uniform.
Because of this ‘other side of the story’, I want to share with you all a recently uploaded video made by the intelligence community.  You all need to understand that loose lips can indeed sink ships, and people die.  You may believe that “secrets, secrets are no fun, and secrets, secrets hurt someone”.  Sometimes telling a secret is worse.  This is not Hollywood, these are not actors playing a part… these are people who stand in the shadows making this country safe.  We must respect them and the privacy necessary for them to do their jobs!

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