HMJ: High Middle Ages

Is that a long time since I’ve been able to join the homeschool mother’s journal. It’s sure nice to be back.

In my life this week…

It has actually been a very rough start to our home school year. We had a surprise, and somewhat unwelcome, military move this summer. And in many ways the school year began at the end of our transition. We all know this type of situation affects everybody. Even though we have been here now four full months, we are all still finding our personal groove here in Alaska.

In our homeschool…

This week in history we are studying the middle ages. We were huge fan of Tapestry of Grace and this is our second year in the curriculum. I believe it works so well for us because both my husband and I are huge history fans. In fact, you may have noticed that one of this blog pages is called History Hunting. On this page I keep a directory of various history posts that we have done, and anyone can enter their homeschool history link so we can all benefit from the study of history 🙂

I have no idea what the cost would be outside of a school program, but up here in Alaska we signed up locally and can use the Learning Odyssey online software. Very, very excellent website ranging from science to social studies to arts to music. My kids are loving the interactive website. The unit on the Inuit tribes was fantastic.

Helpful homeschooling tips to share…

The kids were learning about the feudal system, life during the middle ages, and knighthood. If you plan on studying the Middle Ages here are a few helpful freebies:

If you happen to be in Amazon prime member, this monarchy series in the free instant videos are amazing!
My kids loved this interactive little game thing
More fun interactive stuff
This website is well formed with lots of facts and they are organized in small sections for easy reading

My favorite thing this week…

My kindergarten boy has begun to catch onto reading!!! This year I had to go back to those tactics I used with my first born in that we only do schooling in 10 minutes chunks throughout the day to keep his interest. I also went the Montessori version of reading, teaching letter sounds not letter names. These two alternate approaches have really helped my fourth child to loving to learn to read.
But isn’t that why we all love to homeschool? Because we can adapt our teaching style to their learning style. It just sometimes takes these ‘old dogs’ a few weeks to realize we need to learn some new tricks 😉

What I am praying for…

We are beginning the process of a major life change in the next few years, I am praying for our process and peace with the eventual change. I pray for my husband’s ministry at work as a chaplain. I pray for my friend Rachel who is in Africa right now on a mission trip. And I pray that I can be patient as I am waiting in the healing process of my broken arm and my wrist.

A photo to share…

The one major thing we love about our Alaska rental house is the view from our back deck:

2 thoughts on “HMJ: High Middle Ages”

  1. I’m love to visit Alaska someday. It seems like such an interesting place to experience! The kids still make inuksuit/inuksuk stone sculptures!But it does take time to settle into a new place…and even longer for it to feel like home.Thanks for visiting my blog! My oldest asked to learn to read at 4 years 3 months and by 4 years 9 months was reading Charlotte’s Web and had gone through all the Magic Tree House books (at that time). Like a duck to water that one with books! And he still reads! But I’m trying to get him to explore books that he wouldn’t normally…like Thoreau! LOL Our only encouragement with him was keeping him supplied with books! LOL Now my other two…well, we’re working on it.

  2. So sorry that you are dealing with a broken arm/wrist. I can only imagine how difficult that would be for a homeschooling mom!I can see from your pictures that Alaska is very beautiful. I hope you’ll be able to settle in and enjoy your time there.

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