Follow the yellow brick fragments…

Mommy's IdeaThere really aren’t a whole lot of fragments running around inside my brain this week, so I’ll keep it short. If you have any fragments that you like to unload hop on over to Mrs. 4444 and dump them on her, I’m sure she’d love it…really 😉


Have you ever spent so much time fiddling with, dealing with, and arguing with your blog HTML that you feel like quitting altogether? I did this week. My hubby and I chose to ‘bring back to life’ our family website. My husband wanted to get back into blogging and figured with his busy schedule, a joint effort was the best solution. But trying to get the background layout that I wanted to use over on Cleaving to Christ almost had me beat.

So I’m just curious, how many of you use a professional service or professional layout that is paid for and how many of you do it yourself and experience this for a frustration regularly??


Just in case you want to hop over and look at the layout that I spent days on, here is a link. I make the common mistake of not telling my husband how much I love him and appreciate him. He usually gets to hear how irritated I am about all things.  By the way, have you told your spouse that you love them today?


I don’t know whether to weep or be glad that we don’t have cable in our rental house here. The Iowa Hawkeyes have chosen to play peewee ball this year and I feel very frustrated with them. But I guess I can be thankful that I don’t actually have to watch them fail right??  C’mon HAWKS!!!

 I am beginning to feel very jealous of my husband and his job. Since we have moved to Alaska in June my husband has gone deep sea fishing, gone hunting up in the Arctic Circle, been sent to Texas for training, and will soon be heading off to Hawaii for training. I get to sit here and not go anywhere. I told him yesterday that I am going to get a Command Sponsor letter and take a hop out of here, and at this point I don’t think I care where I go.
The military cargo planes have jump seats in them and when those jumpseats have not been occupied by official government travelers,  they allow service members or their families to use them to get around the country. Just today a military cargo transport plane flew from here to Green Bay, Wisconsin. That is a very short drive to my family. I was ever so tempted!!
And on my final note, does anybody know anybody at all, who loves dogs who might be traveling from the Kansas City area to Alaska? My dog is stuck in Kansas City and I have no idea how to get him up here. He is too large for the biggest airline approved pet carrier. Even sitting down his head is higher than the actual carrier, and the airlines have these ridiculous size requirements beyond the actual animal size. He would lay down for the entire flight and be quite relaxed but they won’t hear it and I am now stuck in Alaska without my dog. Any pet flight suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Just in case you guys forgot how adorable my dog is:

13 thoughts on “Follow the yellow brick fragments…”

  1. I was so frustrated with the way my blog looked, and even more so when I tried to change it. I gave up and hired a company to do. I LOVE MY NEW BLOG! Liz was easy to work with and did a wonderful job.

  2. I just use a canned background from the free online sources. I’m satisfied with the way it looks. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t be happier if I had a designer create a special look just for my blog, but I choose not to pay for that … yet. I’m so, so sorry to hear that you’re in Alaska and your dog is is Kansas City. There’s GOT to be a way to get him to you … wish I knew how to help. 😉

    1. And see, that is where I was so torn because it does come from a canned background. It just was too skinny for my taste, but hours into it I was wondering if it was really that big of a deal you know??Thank you for your kind thoughts about the dog, it is really driving me crazy.

    1. I love reading his blog posts. I happen to think he’s really intelligent. But I know I’m biased.I have never had the opportunity but I love what you and Heather talked about doing with that miscommunication blog posts. We teach a class about that during our marriage retreat weekends.

  3. Fussing with HTML code can be extremely frustrating. I don’t design my own blog, just choose one of the ready made templates for my book blog. For our eclectic blog, I did pay someome to design the 3-column one for me and only change the colors or header pic on it. That’s enough fussing for me. Hope you get reunited with your dog! That’s sad.

    1. I knew you guys would understand about the dog :-(I don’t think I’ve ever been to your book blog, I’m going to have to run over and check that out.

  4. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your dog issues. I hope you find a solution. When I was on Blogger I did everything myself and the HTML issues could take HOURS to unravel. Now, that I am on WordPress, I still do it all myself. I bought a premium theme, but I still had to design it to look the way I wanted it to. It still takes just as long to figure things out. I find that much of my blogging time gets taken up with the technical side. I also get super obsessive about how particular things look, probably things that no one else would notice, but I want them to look the way I want them to look. I took a look at what you’ve done and it looks great.

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