Genesis Chapter One

Have you ever listened to a sermon that just made you want to leap for joy and then fling yourself down before the Lord? I have, and that is saying much coming from a reformed gal 😉

These days scientists would have you believe that Creationists are stupid, that there is just no evidence for Intelligent Design in the world. Pastor Mark Driscoll would disagree as would I. If you have time, please watch or listen to his sermon. It was simply amazing and glorious.

Creation: God Makes

2 thoughts on “Genesis Chapter One”

  1. Having just visited the Smithsonian in DC with my kids, I know what you mean about the world thinking those who believe in creation are crazy. I love Driscoll, I’ll have to have a listen. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your welcome!! We just moved from DC. Hubby felt very irritated after going through the museums that were geared towards blaming the Christians for the struggles of various people groups 😦 I hope you have time to listen to it.

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