Pieces of fragments

We can all thank Three Dog Night for the title for my post this week. The song is a hit within my own family because my youngest sister is named April. It may also have a lot to do with the fact that I threaten to tear her to pieces every time she stole clothes out of my closet we were growing up :-(. I am linking in with Mrs. 4444 this week!! I will get the button up here as soon as I can 😉


The valley is having a dry hurricane this weekend. The wind gusts to 80 mph at times. It nearly pushed me off the highway today while driving. the schools have allowed parents to keep kids home if safety and the flying debris gets bad enough! It has been rattling the house like crazy, so bad tonight that I have the kids in the basement with me just in case the roof flies off :-(. There is something very unnerving when you notice the water in the toilet bowl is gently rocking back and forth…because the house is swaying with the wind gusts!


Have you ever had one of those weeks where there are tons of blog posts running around your brain but you can’t get close to the computer to get them out? That was my week. So many cute sayings from the two-year-old, so many interesting interactions with the kids, so much fun stuff learned this week in school. I was unable to get any of it out. So you get the fragmented version of my week 😉

Okay everybody study this picture carefully do you see that big chip in the bowl?

 That happened the day that I took the replacement part out of plastic. I have been without my 7 quarts crockpot for several months because of a crack. I was able to get the replacement part, they shipped it up here, and the very day I took it out of the box I washed it. The thing tapped against the side of the sink and chipped!!!!!  AAAAHHHH!!!!
To make matters worse, last night I ran my finger along the ship to see how bad it was and seriously skinned the tip of my pointer finger off. So I am guessing that means it is a sharp and dangerous. Those fingertip cuts sure bleed, you know? 

I posted a tribute to my grandfather this year for Veterans Day. He served in World War II and was able to get on an Honor Flight last year to come see the WWII Monument in DC.



Hubby is in Fairbanks again this week. I think we’re surviving fine, I mean no major catastrophes and we are on track in school. The bummer is the kids are not well enough behaves for a pizza night. Instead of getting our BookIt pizzas last night, they had to eat oatmeal, Ha ha ha!!


I have to say this song made me chuckle. We are big fans of Chick-fil-A and there is no Chick-fil-A in Alaska… NONE!!

16 thoughts on “Pieces of fragments

  1. I have a picture of myself standing in front of the Wisconsin marker at the WWII Monument.I heard the Chick-fil-A song somewhere before, but it was even funnier the second time around!

    1. That is really my name for it. We are having a severe wind storm here in Palmer/Wasilla, AK. Today the schools are open, but the wind advisory is such that the children are not required to go. Flying debris is a serious matter. Our house has been rattling and shaking like jello on a child’s plate. Very crazy!!!

  2. 80 mph winds? Wow, I thought the wind here in Chicago was bad. That would be pretty scary.That’s really cool that your grandfather got an Honor Flight to DC.

    1. We used to live in Chicago! It is the same concept here. The wind gets caught in between the mountains and hits the valley like a mighty bobsled.I miss the Michigan Mile at Christmas and walking along the Lake. What is your favorite pizza joint?

  3. Be careful in the hurricane. Hurricane Sandy was not kind to us East Coast residence. That totally stinks about the pot you just got! I’d be so mad!! How nice your grandfather got to Washington DC monument. It is an amazing piece!

    1. These winds are just crazy! If I could evacuate to another place, I would have!! I keep waiting for that sound of the roof flying off. Did you guys get out of the hurricane or just batten down the hatches?

  4. 80 mph winds?? Oy!! How did the roof hold up?I heart Chick-fil-a! We don’t have them where I’m from either and the “newness” hasn’t worn off in 5 years!Every time I laugh at something one of my kids says, my daugther asks, “are you going to post about that now?” She is right. It usually ends up as either and blog post or facebook status.

    1. The roof is still intact, though our nerves suffered a bit!!!We ODed on Chick-fil-a before moving up here. That wore off in about a month…now we are twitching again ;-)My family asks the same thing too… “You’re not going to blog this, are you?”

  5. Your fragments are such a cheerful way to start my Saturday–I smiled all the way through them (except for the hurricane and pizza parts, of course.haha).I suggest you contact the company and explain what happened; it’s clear that it just had fault, and maybe they will be understanding (especially this time of year) and give you another one.I have never heard of a dry hurricane; that’s fascinating (sorry). With our house being nestled in among pines, oaks, and poplars, that would be quite dangerous here! A tree once fell on our house, during an ice storm, when Mr.4444 was lying in bad with a torn hamstringw. Needless to say, it startled him into pain like he’d never had before. Here’s hoping you get some nicer weather soon 🙂

    1. Glad to put a smile on your face!! Your Monday funnies always do the trick for me :-)I actually did contact Kitchenaid and they sent a replacement right to me!We just want snow, now that the wind has died off, we want the white stuff.

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