Doing the happy dance!

We don’t get to see the sun today…

Because it’s doing this all day!!!! Happy dance, happy dance for snow!!


12 thoughts on “Doing the happy dance!”

  1. It’s really really cold here, but no snow. If it was snowing, I could accept the cold weather. Your snow looks so pretty!! Have fun making a snow angel. =)

  2. It’s cold over here in the UK at the minute, there is Snow in parts of the country but not here on Anglesey (N. Wales) – Unless your on the Snowdonia Mountains! I want snowww! x

    1. Cold without snow is such a bummer!!! But oh, to be in the UK!!!! We are studying the Middle Ages in our homeschool. We have been watching videos of your lovely countryside…so beautiful!

  3. It is finally bitter winter cold here, and we have a thin layer of snowish-icish mess on the ground. I admit I am longing for big fluffy gently falling flakes.

    1. Bummer WP and being silly!! I wonder why it won’t?? It is OK that Gretchen Wilson’s “here for the party” went through my head while I read your comment?? 😉

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