Mid-Life Stress

I happen to be doing a research paper for my Developmental Psychology course on Mid-Life Stress. I find the research fascinating and would love some help in the process.

If you happen to be between the ages of 35-50, would you be willing to answer my poll question to the left? It would help me out!! Thanks!!

Also, another huge  help to me would be answering this survey if your age falls between 35-50. You can copy and paste the questions into an email and send it to: Kay’s Email

 Option A: Middle Adult Interviews (POP #3A)

Interview two males and two females between the ages of 35 and 50. Discuss their experience in middle adulthood. Develop a common set of interview questions (approximately 10-15) to be used with each individual that will help you understand the issues, concerns, joys and challenges of middle adulthood. Compare your findings with your reading in your textbook. Do your interviews confirm the concepts taught in your textbook with regards to middle adulthood? Submit your interview questions and responses. Also, submit a two to three page paper that compares your finding with the reading in the text and answers the questions as to whether the interviews confirm the concepts taught in the text and how.

What physical changes have occurred after age 35? (i.e eyesight, bone structure, limb strength)

How have your eating habits changed in reference to your early adulthood?

Do you maintain an exercise regimen? It is a necessity to maintain this?

Have you experienced any ‘health scares’ after 35? What were they

What type of health concerns do you have now as opposed to your early adulthood?

Has the fear or concern caused you to adapt your habits at this time? How?

Do you feel the proverbial “mid life crisis”?

Do you feel depressed or angry about things at this stage?

What upsets you the most about this age phase?

What coping mechanisms do you employ as you traverse mid-life?

How has your mental capabilities changed from early adulthood to now?

How has your memory been effected?

What steps do you take to maintain a healthy mental strength?

How have your relationships adapted during this phase?

How do you feel satisfied at this stage of your vocation?

5 thoughts on “Mid-Life Stress”

    1. Thank you so much for the offer, but I already turned in this assignment. I cut it too close this time 😉 Procrastination does NOT work well for me anymore!

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