HMJ: Middle Ages

 In life this week…

We finally got some snow here in Alaska, and we were quite excited about that. We had begun to think we had a snow curse hanging over our heads. We always seem to move to a new place just after a record snowfall (DC and AK). God graciously answered our prayers and dumped 7″ on us in one day 🙂

In homeschool this week(s)…

We continue to work through the Middle Ages, 1400-1600 AD. So much happened during this time: the Reformation, Age of Exploration,

Reformation. Such a tumultuous period of history! I created a post just for this historic episode here.

Age of Exploration. I never fully appreciated the depth of this historic age. So many moving pieces and aspects of European expansion and so many myths exist.

We learned about Queen Isabella. She sounds like an amazing woman and a great monarch. She was also very devout in her faith.

The free Amazon Prime videos for this week were:

 Eplore the history of these cultures
All our history links can be found in the History Hunting page

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