How could this happen???!!!

Like most of you, I spent my day feeling outraged, overwhelmed, in sorrow, even in tears. I hugged my kids and told them I loved them…then I felt the need to explain to them why I was behaving in such an odd manor. I told them that an evil man walked into an elementary school, just like our homeschool is, and that an evil man shot 25 people before turning the gun on himself. I told my children that most of the victims were children the very ages we have in our own tiny, one-room school. And my natural response was “how could this happen?”

Columbine was the first time we saw this type of tragedy. Following this were shootings on college campuses, in churches, in shopping malls, and in theaters. This sort of ‘soft target’ was easy to hit because the victims were almost guaranteed to be unarmed and not defended. But why? Why the rise in violence against each other in this country?

These tragedies are not born in a vacuum. There is a conception and incubation for such things. May I post a question to you? What moral law did this CT shooter break? Who gets to set the moral law? I would like to pose to you, my reader, that society is breeding people who have been making up their own moral laws for a couple decades now. No one wants to be told what is right and wrong, we all want to be the captains of our own ships and sail in the direction we want. We rebel against others who impose their morals upon us and I believe that society is being affected by this.

The term we use for this phenomena is Post Modern. In a post modern society, the edges of right and wrong are blurred or straight up wiped clear. Marriage, cohabitation, child birth, child rearing, modesty, speech, charity, even the value of life  …all this is dictated by the individual and no one else. The logical end to the post modern mind is that morality is determined at the individual level, and not to be dictated by anyone else. We are dismantling our moral foundation, brick by brick and hurting each other, young and old, in the process. “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes…”  I’ve read about this before and it turned out poorly for everyone 😦

How could this happen?

A people who value its privileges above its principles,
soon loose both ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

For the record…

  • I believe this man sinned the moment he conceived this plan in his brain
  • I believe that the moment he died, he stood before the throne of God
  • I believe on the merit of his unrepentant sin, he was condemned
  • I believe that Jesus said “Depart from me, for I never knew you”
  • I believe his punishment was an eternity in hell
  • I believe that God’s justice was served

6 thoughts on “How could this happen???!!!

  1. very well said.I’ve been wondering how this clearly disturbed man could have stared into the eyes of all those terrified children and so easily pulled the trigger?? What creates that kind of disregard for innocent life? Will we hear debates about violent shows and video games? I gotta admit, previously I would have said “no – the person was just crazy – they would have hurt someone eventually.” but now…I am not so sure. They just seem to be able to pull that trigger so easily…and now on children.Our world could not be more broken.

    1. I agree, it is broken. I remember the shock, the true shock, of Columbine. But I do have to admit that yesterday I said “who would do such a thing” but the total shock of the situation was not there. How sad is it that this horrific situation is not a total surprise anymore???

    1. I think he was disgusting, base, and evil 😦 But not broken from reality. He acted out his worldview in which his mother and her students deserved death. Psychologically, these types of criminals don’t have a conscience. I just selfishly wish he could have faced his actions and received due punishment for his crimes in this life. I am satisfied with what, I believe, he is currently suffering in his eternal punishment.but it sure makes you hug your kids hard, doesn’t it?? I cuddled with mine for a long while.

  2. FYI, if you only followed the story through Friday, read more recently posted accounts. Many of the details released on Friday were wrong, including the fact that his mother was a teacher at the school–she was not. He killed her at home. Where she had guns to protect herself, which apparently were of no use to her.

    1. Those newly discovered facts do not detract from the fact that this person felt justified in ending the lives of others because he ascribed his own moral code concerning the value and right to life.

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