FF My How Time Does Fly

Mommy's IdeaWow, I was going to get so much more done today and blogged and written…where did the time go??  I am going to quickly dump the fragments floating around for now, but someday I am going to send these co-habitors out for a hike and I am going to get some posts written!!!


First frag: We had another ER run at our house. Joshy is now solidly in the lead of our “Most Stitches” competition. I have to hand it to the boy, even though he cut the outside corner of his mouth and the interior, he didn’t spit a drop of blood on my floor! We sat in the ER for a couple hours before getting a referral to the oral surgeon upstairs. He was able to close it all up with one well placed stitch. Joshy actually cried out when the huge Novocain needle entered his gums (well who doesn’t wince!!) and he must have had his eyes closed like I told him to do because they were tying off the stitch when he spoke up “When are you going to start stitching?”

He mumbled and chewed with his mouth open for about a week. But he is looking mighty fine now, and this time he doesn’t get a bragging scar to go with the experience.


Frag two: I have misplaced an entire folder of pictures from one of our family vacations! Isn’t that upsetting??!! I am pretty irritated about the whole thing 😦 There are videos, but no pictures.


Frag three: Our snow blew away 😦 So we have begun our January in Alaska with bare, dead grass to look at. Isn’t that wonderful 😦


Frag four: January 1st was our 16th anniversary.


Frag five: Very cute conversations heard in our home…

Mom, mom, ook!!
Yea, mom, we are Avenger Team
Oh cool! Hey Noah, wanna go potty?
No mom, venger eem
Well, Avengers use the potty like big boys.
Mom, I’m never getting married.
Oh yea, why not?
Cause no one can cook like you!
There were way more cute things said, but of course, I can’t remember them 😦 I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

12 thoughts on “FF My How Time Does Fly”

  1. Little boys truly are like little men just when you get so upset with them they say the cutest things like no one can cook like you. Now I remember why I had such trouble with my boys having girlfriends and wives and such. My son when he was little had frequent flier miles at the ER. Lately I can’t seem to stay away.I hope you get more snow but yikes remember to be careful what you pray and wish for. We have none here either. We have only had a few dustings but i have a feeling it is coming…Have a great weekend.

  2. LOVE the quotes 🙂 My sister will put the funny things my nephew says on Facebook, and I think that if I didn’t know my nephew so well, I wouldn’t believe half of what she writes. Capturing it is so wonderful … those are moments we should never forget!And I’m glad your Avenger did so well 🙂

  3. I just love the sweet things little ones say…Happy Anniversary!Our snow melted :(Bummer about the stitches, but I guess it could’ve been worse.Thanks for linking up. Have a terrific weekend 🙂

  4. With 3 boys, you would’ve thought I would know the ER people by name, but the only time any of them needed stitches was when MS was a junior in high school. Only 1 broken bone (a nose…courtesy of a jerk of a high school by when OS was a junior), so I count myself lucky! And, the oldest 2 played football, baseball, wrestled, played tennis, AND soccer at one time or another.What a sweet thing for your son to say! It just melts your heart, doesn’t it? 🙂

    1. I am glad you have not had more ER runs!! That’s wonderful.They boys are actually very sweet, I am blessed 🙂 I just don’t always remember all they say to share it 😦

    1. I wanted something new, fresh, and simple. Thanks for noticing 🙂 There is a funny ‘hubby’ story behind it, but I am afraid it wasn’t always funny. I am waiting for the permission to share it.

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