Valley Forge

cleavingtochrist.comwe recently had a great weekend to explore the history that happened to our north into Pennsylvania.  such a beautiful state that is!!!  i am going to put the pictures up slower than we did the trip.  we ended up hitting the road on thurs. night so that we did valley forge on friday, independence hall on sat, came home for church sun morning, then hit arlington house sunday afternoon, and finally great falls, VA on monday.  we squeezed in another manassas run for our passport cancellation, but that is for another time 😉

all i can say is wow!!!  the park has a great biking/hiking trail for people to do on foot.  the visitor center is small but good.  they have many items from the army while stationed there, there is a musket for people to try to pick up!!  there are well preserved and rebuilt cabins where the outer defense camped as well as ‘huts’ where the presidents personal guard stayed within a stone’s throw of Washington’s headquarters.  the home Washington used as office and where Martha Washington entertained is well maintained.  it is amazing to walk the very wood planks that our first president walked!!!  we even got to see a herd of deer munching not 20 feet from people playing soccer and bikers/hikers on the trail.  the weather was perfect for our trip as well.  even if history is not your thing, this would be a great area to visit to enjoy the beauty God created here!

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