FF: Time to frag around the clock again

Unknown Mami

We got some new, temporary digs for the summer for Friday Fragments. Miss Claudya over at Unknown Mami is hosting for the summer so our lovely hostess can soak up the last summer with her youngest before she flies the coop. A much needed and deserved time off 🙂


This week’s frags are brought to you by a song that I learned to jitterbug to in college. We had a 50’s dance at the college and for a couple weeks before hand they offered dance lessons for all the couples. It was a lot of fun!!!

I have a great memory from that dance night! We were doing some swing dancing and my teeny, tiny 105 roommate had paired up with the only male cheerleader we had on the team. He swung her her off one hip, swung her off the other hip and was supposed to raise her above his head for a moment before bringing her back to the floor. But at the top….. she just kept going!!!! He had given her too much ooompf and sent her sailing over his head. 
Thankfully, he spun around and caught her as she was descending. Everyone thought it was planned, but I saw both their faces as she sailed out of his arms, and KNEW it wasn’t  😉


I created a video for hubby for Father’s Day. If you are interested in watching it, you can find that here.

Also, if you happen to be a teacher or a homeschool mom, the Typing Club has finished their beta testing and launched their full program. There is a 10% discount if you sign your school up by July 15, 2013. Also, there are multiple year discounts available too. You can read all about it on my review (which is unpaid and my personal opinion only).


Heard around the house:
Mommy, knock knock?
Whose there?
Me, Noah.
(I don’t think he gets the knock, knock jokes)

Mom, what would you do if you were tough as nails?
(wait… I’m not??)

Mom, why do I have to clean up the mess?
Because you made the mess, son.

Mom, dis my bol shirt an my bol pants
Babe, those are shorts. Pants go all the way down here, those are shorts.
Deez my bol shirt and bol shorts. I can bol in dem!
Yes sweetie.
I frow, an kick, an bol in dem!
Yep, good for playing all kinds of ball.


 photo stucktruck_zps7d62a86c.jpgMy hubby headed into the woods to help set up a pal’s black bear stand. A whole 6 hours later I was rolling the direction of the stand because I hadn’t heard anything and knew something had gone wrong. Sure enough, half way out, hubby called to check in and something had gone wrong. They found a nice deep pit to drop the truck into… with mud up to its axle!! It was crazy!!!!
Hubby got an earful on checking in since he had cell service the whole time he was out there. He just forgot to call the wife 😦 I think he won’t be doing that again. I was just glad to be coming home mad and not a widow.


I have a couple new love/hate games to play on the iPad. My baby sister got me hooked on Candy Crush, and I hate it now 😦 I am a cheap person and will not pay for more lives or for boosters. I have now reached the level where you either have to pay to play the level or complete quests once every 24 hours to continue. It was a brilliant marketing strategy, it just rubs me the wrong way.

But I am loving Wheel of Fortune!! I guess that shows my age, eh? Have you guys played that one yet? It is a great way to avoid doing housework 😉  You could even go toe-to-toe with a gal named Kay…. hahahahaha

I hope you all have a great weekend! Hubby is gone, so we are laying low and hanging out.

14 thoughts on “FF: Time to frag around the clock again

  1. good thing the cheerleader was practiced in catching falling girls.Good songSo they have bear stands like we have deer stands?Maybe you need to find a knock knock game for the iPad.

    1. That’s what we all told Matt after his good catch! You can only hunt black bear from a stand, very much like a deer stand. The black bears have bred so much recently they authorized bating them. That whole situation ended up being a huge debacle.

  2. What level Candy Crush are you on? I never pay for anything and finally have enough friends that will help me get to the next episode.

    1. I wish I was on FB to help me with lives and such. I am on level 36, but have to take the weekend off. Hubby took my iPad with him on his business trip.

  3. Oh boy…now this looks like something ANY of my menfolk in my family would do…stuck in the mud. Like you said, best to be mad instead of a widow. Wow.

    1. Yes, much better to be mad. The goofy guys took a ‘short cut’ instead of walking everything in via the cleared power lines. They nearly drowned the 4-wheeler on the first pass and blew 2 tires before the night was done.

  4. The video looked like a wonderful tribute to dad. My sound isn’t working for some reason, but I loved the pictures.”What would you do if you were tough as nails” ha! That’s funny. Where do kids come up with this stuff??What’s a bear stand?? I picture a family of bears by the side of the road selling pies and jam or something.

    1. That’s hilarious! Now every time folks are talking about their bear stands, I am going to picture a bear family selling jams and honey on the road side!!! Hahahahahaha.So sorry you didn’t get to hear the music. It was a country song titled “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins. Very cute.

  5. I took the Candy Crush plunge too and I’m hooked… big time!At my wedding, a friend went to do something similar with another friend. She was heavier than he anticipated and when she went through his legs, he dropped her and she slid forward, landing at my feet with her dress over her head. We have it on video. Thankfully, she was wearing panties AND hose! It was HYSTERICAL!

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