Crystal’s Guest Post

Crystal’s Guest Post

remembering patty

It is hard to believe that Pat has been gone for over 8 years.  So much has changed since her passing.  I can still remember her joy when we gave birth to our 1st child, Leia.   Leia was 5 weeks early, and what a blessing that she came when she did.

It was a Sunday and I remember that Pat’s oldest sister, Judy (Larry) and their daughter Leann where in town for a visit.  After sitting around the living room chatting it up for a while, we decided to head out for ice cream (Frozen Custard, on the Southside of DSM).   Pat loved food and had struggled with food since before I new her.   Looking back on this outing to the ice cream place was almost like Pat’s last ice cream Harrah!  And I say that with much love.  She was so giddy about this treat that she almost could not decide what to get, so she got I believe 3 different kinds of ice cream in a big waffle cone.  She was enjoying one of the many joys God had put on this earth. 

I went into labor early the next morning, and gave birth at 10:45 am.  Pat had a radiation treatment that day at the same hospital.  In spite of her pain and exhaustion she still came into my room beaming from ear to ear with so much joy at the arrival of her newest granddaughter.  On this day, we didn’t know it, but Pat’s days were very limited.  Steve and I were not told that her cancer was stage 4, as they didn’t want us to worry and they wanted us to enjoy every moment of our pregnancy.   As Pat enjoyed her first moments with kissing and loving on Leia, she started to shake uncontrollably.  Soon she was admitted into a room right downstairs from my room.  It was later that day that we found out that Pat wouldn’t be with us much longer.  Leia’s birthday was bittersweet. 

Pat passed away a couple of days before Leia’s regular due day.  God’s plan is perfect.  Steve and I were so blessed to be able to enjoy Pat enjoying her grandbaby.   She would snuggle Leia just as much as her strength would allow.   Pat even baby sat a couple of hours for us (Leia was approx 2 weeks old).  Even though she was very low on energy, she insisted.  Steve and I went out for only about 2 hours to see a movie in Pleasant Hill.  As a new mom, I was I wasn’t exactly ready to go out without my baby, but knew how badly Pat wanted that 1:1 time with her.  I’m glad she made that happen.  I wonder what all they talked about while we were gone.  😉


After Pat’s passing, Cousin Amanda came to us with a bag that was in the closet.  It was from Pat to Leia.  It had the sweetest little ruffle butt outfit in.   Leia wore that in one of her many photo shoots.   We miss Pat and know that if she was still here, she would be spoiling the heck out of her grandbabies.

Aside from this story, I want to say that I was a non-believer when Pat was alive.  I was not able to fully appreciate Pat for who she was and regret that to this very day.  She was a wonderful wife and mother.  She had so much wonderful advice that at the time, I just wasn’t ready to hear.   Even though I wasn’t always receiving of her she always had arms wide open and treated me as her own.  I would give anything to have her influence in my life, and my family’s lives today.

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This post was written by my sister-in-law, Crystal. Crystal is married to Patty’s middle boy, Steve. They have three very pretty girls and two large dogs. She lives in our home state, Iowa, and actively keeps up Patty’s grave site with seasonal decorations.

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This is part of a blogging series “Remembering Patty

2 thoughts on “Crystal’s Guest Post”

  1. Yes, thank you Crystal for sharing your memories of Pat! I remember that day very well. Being thrilled that Leia had made it safely into the world, but being shocked when Patty started shaking. It was very bittersweet!

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