Take Five

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Day Nine

Half way into the 30 Days of a Military move requires a break. It can be more than a little intense when major life changes happen this quickly. Because we take intentional steps to keep these PCS moves as stress free as possible, we often choose to take a day about half way through for fun. We don’t talk moving, we just find something fun for the family to do, and in this case we chose to pile into our faithful family van for a little road trip!

Our Sunday adventure started by hitting the road for a scenic drive along the Old Glenn Highway with a stop at one of our favorite ‘watering holes’.  We will miss Sleepy Dog quite a bit with its massive cookies and cinnamon rolls. But have no fear, our love of coffee will lead us to another favorite local coffee house in no time 😉

We will also miss the views of Alaska! I am most thankful that we took this road trip because in a short three day span, a massive wind storm came and blew ALL the leaves away. I just barely got these pictures taken before that happened.

The majesty of the Alaska mountains constantly leads me to prayer and meditation. God has blessed me through the mountains this year!

I will lift my eyes to the hills and their Creator
who made all Heaven and Earth.

Psalm 121:1-2


This is part of a series Planning a Military Move.

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