401 Ways To Get The Kids To Help

I can’t believe I haven’t done a book review for this book yet!! We have implemented these tactics in our home for years now, but I have never shared them with you guys. For that, I must apologize!!

It’s an older, old school book from 1981 and I must warn some of my HS friends, it’s not written from a Christian perspective. I read marriage, parenting, Christian Living books to glean what I need from them. No book written by any individual is going to be spot on unless I write it myself. This book gives you ideas and tactics for getting the kids to pitch in at home! That’s why I read it! Also it came highly recommended from a Homestead Home schoolers whose grown children I admire.

The premise of the books is that parents can be teaching children to be responsible with keeping the house that they use and they mess up. It lists age appropriate chores for children to be learning, which I found very helpful with my wide range of kids’ ages.

My absolute favorite item in this book is the ‘daily five’!! This concept is customizable, but they are the 5 things that must happen each morning before heading to school. For us, the daily five looks like this:

This was by far my favorite aspect of the book. Other helpful tips were:

  • what chores are appropriate for youngsters
  • how to teach kids to grocery shop
  • when to encourage kids to help cooking supper
  • when to assign supper creation for kids

The book helped me to ratify chore charts for the kids. It also encouraged me to begin teaching the older kids to cook and reminded me I need to incorporate meal planning with grocery shopping in our homeschool. I really do want to encourage my children to be independent and prepare them for adulthood. I believe this book will help mothers work themselves out of a job.

A parent’s primary goal is to work themselves out of their job.

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