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Frags: Man Is A Wolf


December just got crazy for us, so this post is actually old, but good 😉 

We have snow!!! Germany has blessed our little village with many inches of snow, many lovely snowfalls, all just for me! Ok, maybe not for me, but I love snow, I had been praying for the white fluffy! We had been dreaming of our Alaska days and our Alaska snow….in July! This video was our first good snowfall in Alaska.




 We had birthdays in December. Hubby and our first-born share a birthday. Thankfully, they both think this is very cool 😉 They both asked for buffalo bites, and for there to be so many that I didn’t limit the amount each person could grab. Wish granted! We actually had leftovers this time!

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keep calm
Image from Wiki

We began our WWII unit study these last couple weeks. I knew ‘enough’ about the World War to be dangerous, but oh gracious did I learn so much these past few weeks!! I never knew that Japan invaded the mainland so long before Nazi Germany moved across Europe. I also had never fully understood how Germany could do all that it did in the 1930’s to rearm and to perform genocide against others. Listening to Hitler’s speeches helped me to better understand why a nation would follow such a leader. 

  • The now famous banner to the right was actually created by the British Govt. to comfort and encourage the British when Germany was bombing England—————–>
  • WWII started when Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931 and then China in 1937
  • Poland did indeed put up a fight when Germany invaded in 1939. The Germans were simply too well armed and manned. The troops in Warsaw surrendered, and the Germans executed the Polish military officers 😦
  • FDR was born to the top 10% American Aristocracy, Eleanor was his cousin but a distantly related one. They had 5 children 🙂
  • FDR loved riding horses!
  • FDR contracted polio as a young adult which left him paralyzed. (I had always thought he contracted polio as a child)
  • I learned a Roman adage that I believe is quite true:

Homo homini lupus = Man is a wolf to man


  • Hitler the Wolf, pt.01
    • This is a great video! The grammar is a little off because it is a translation, but the information is great. We finished the video from min 55 to understand the Blitzkrieg of Poland.
  • The Mediterranean, pt.09
    • This is a very good video series on the WWII battles. This video gives a great history on Mussolini’s life.
  • WWII: Crash Course #38
    • We just love the Crash Course folks! You may want to pause this video at times to discuss the information given. Lots of great info and some very pointers on the reasons for WWII


Tis the season for Christmas Markets here in Germany. I will post the Christmas Market all by itself, but they were fun!! I love our rural area and we chose to stay in the smaller towns for the markets. Here is a pic to tide you over till then:

My boys eating wurst.

 weekly wrap

7 thoughts on “Frags: Man Is A Wolf”

  1. Well first off, Happy birthday to your men. Love buffalo anything!! I love the history of the Keep Calm and carry On sign. I always wondered about that. Glad you got your snow, i’m trying to pray ours away. I can’t wait for Spring!! Hope you have a lovely Valentine weekend!

    1. Thank you, Tori! I had always wondered where that ‘Keep Calm’ thing came from, too! I hope spring comes to you soon! I heard the US is getting pummeled with winter.

  2. Oh! Germany sounds fun. I can’t say that I’m a snow lover. However, my family is. So we do the snowboarding, tubing and sports thing once a year. Then I drag them to the sun. I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap Up!

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