Christmas Cookies

Cooking and decorating sugar cookies are a tradition that comes from my husband’s side of the family. I know that my mother made cookies when we were growing up, but I don’t remember the massive production that hubby’s family did. My FIL would bake tons of cookies with the secret family recipe (no I can’t share it because I don’t have permission), then they would cool for a day, and finally my MIL would sit with the boys to decorate these treasures. Hubby confesses that he and his brothers would give out after decorating a few dozen. My MIL would then faithfully finish the job being careful to decorate the snowman just right and do the trees with decorations and stars.


I held off making these cookies for years when I married hubby. I am not a baking type of gal. My lack of patience is such that anything requiring me to level off a scoop of flour and teaspoons of stuff just doesn’t happen. I caved in to this family tradition after years of hubby asking very nicely and my children wanting to share in this tradition. You just can’t keep saying “no” to a house full of folks you love 😉

This year, as busy as we have been, I waited a bit too long to make the dough. This led to me being pretty lazy on the recipe and not leveling any of the measurements. The cookie dough was impossible to roll and I was beyond frustrated having wasted resources and time. Hubby encouraged me to try again, and my second/third batches were great. The kids love our decoration production and this year my 7-year-old son just rocked them! He was careful with his creations, and they turned out amazing! There is great hope that I can pass off making these things on to him someday in the near future…yay!!!

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