The Creator or Creation?

IMG_3665Because I don’t have enough going on in my life in general…(yes, take a moment to snicker, my family does), I am attempting to finish my Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies. Eventually I hope to have my Master’s in Biblical Counselling so that I can team up with my husband in our church with counseling. Someday, God willing 😉

One of my favorite courses of study (both at Moody in Chicago and Boyce in Louisville) has been Theology. Theology is simply “the science of God” or the study of God. I am grateful for the professors who have opened dialogue and encouraged us to dig in to what we believe and engage with views that we may not agree with. In this way, iron sharpens iron and the Word of God continues to teach me about my Savior. Today, John Piper reminded me that sometimes the study of God can cause a shift in your worldview. This can be quite terrifying when the pillars that once supported your faith begin to crumble as you dive deeply in to the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit may be opening your eyes to new truths, deeper truths. But this is exactly what the Word does for a believer! It removes the scales and illumines what was once in darkness. 

Have you had your mind blown by the Scriptures recently? Have you studied the beginning of time recently and through the Word? Have you challenged yourself to dive in to God’s Word to challenge what you may or may not believe about Creation and just where we all came from? I pray that Mark’s sermon will help you evaluate your believe system on Creation and maybe open some dialogue on ‘the beginning’ of all things.   



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