Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Did you know that the birth of Jesus fulfills a promise made by God to His people? Way back in Genesis 3:15, God promises that the seed of the woman would bruise the head of the serpent. That seed was an intended savior who would redeem, once and for all, the children of God. It was a promise long in coming, depending on your view of the age of the earth. But time does not matter when a promise is made by God because we can trust that it will be kept. God promised Abraham a land for his posterity and a son in his old age. Abraham trusted God, even when it was long expected and long waited for.

We have the pleasure of being this side of the cross because our Redeemer has already been born and has already set His people free. We are no longer the ones waiting for a Redeemer to be born. He was born, lived a perfect life in our stead, and died our sin death.

I thank God that we have an entire season of the year to contemplate the coming of Jesus and just what that means for us. I am also thankful for poets and artists who can put delightful images to music so that I can meditate on these truths in such a wondrous fashion.

2 thoughts on “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

  1. Wow Kay, this is really powerful! I’ve found it on YouTube and will definitely be playing it to my children next Christmas. Thank you for sharing!

    1. My hubby found it and has to take credit for it. He played it for our Christmas Eve service before speaking about the long expected Jesus 🙂 It makes me cry EVERY TIME I watch it, so I know what you mean about it being powerful.

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