Memory Lane

I Still Love Rainy Days

memory lane imageJuly is my blog-iversary. Back in 2009, I was inspired to begin a writing adventure by a friend of mine. She no longer blogs, and if you happened to have stopped by the in past 6 months, it would appear that I don’t blog anymore either 😉 While I miss writing, I found life to be a bit too busy to just sit down and put my thoughts to the computer. I want to start again and we shall see if it takes off or if life just remains too busy between homeschooling and finishing my 4-year degree. For now, I will be bringing back up some of the goodies from the past that just put a smile on my face!

This post is from July of 2010 and I still do love rainy days!

“Ah, rainy days. well, I guess I am thankful for this rainy day for several reason. Hubby is on his 24hr duty as a hospital chaplain, so I am on my own today. With the van acting up this week, my hubby didn’t want me attempting the grocery by myself today and possibly get stuck near Meade with the whole crew, again.

The second reason I am thankful for the rainy day is for ease on me. I seem to have a recurrence of my mastitis and of course it probably has much to do with the fact that I didn’t finish the first round of antibiotics. And who could blame me with the stupid regimen they gave me!!! 1 pill 4 times a day on an empty stomach. Can anyone guess how easy that was to follow with my current schedule? Well, so this second time I am following it much better because I really need this infection to go away quickly. I can’t spend another day sludging around and attempting to mother my children when I hardly have the energy to walk across the sitting room.”

mama & noah
Mommy and Noah, 2010

2 thoughts on “I Still Love Rainy Days”

  1. Aw, Kay! I wish I could help. Mastitis sucks. How many times have we told y’all you have to FINISH your antibiotics?!?! Take care. I wish I could come help out with the kiddos…and have coffee with you!

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