Being Intentional in this Haphazard World

Ok, I confess, I just miss writing way too much. There are so many things clashing around in side my brain that I miss writing them all out as I process them. My husband is a verbal processor. Everything in his brain comes out of his mouth and he hashes and rehashes things using his words, but not me. I go over and over things in my mind, rehash, analyze it yet again, and it is so very helpful to get them organized and out of my brain. I think one of the detriments of this technological age is the lack and loss of healthy processing using writing. Texts, emails, Instagram, FB posts, SnapChat…none of these offer the release of full sentence, brain releasing, good, old-fashioned journaling.

I have read all those studies, all these years, warning about how technology is actually making us dumber as we engage our brains less, and sadly, I have seen this played out in my own life. The area most affected by this is my daily organization. I rely on my phone for so much, and yet it hasn’t made me more organized or more on time or more intentional at all.

If anything, it remains a constant distraction by ‘alerting’ me to various oh so important poop up things, like new lives in a game, new puzzles, new posts, new ads, “what are you waiting for”, new comments, new likes, did you forget something in your cart, new deals, new houses that fit your search criteria, new vacation rentals on the market that you might like to visit…the list goes on.

But I ask you, what in that list do you see missing that really should be of utmost importance to me as a wife, mother, child of God? Go ahead, read it again and consider, I’ll wait…

People! People are totally missing! God is totally missing! This is NOT a good thing!

With this new revelation/conviction in my life, I chose a word that I am praying will help to focus this scattered brain and return to the things that really should and do matter most:


My goal for this year is to be more intentional in all areas of my life, and be intentional about prioritizing those areas. To help me with this goal, I purchased something I haven’t used since I first obtained a ‘smart phone’ so very long ago: a planner. As in paper, pens, physical, carry it around with me book style planner.

In the two weeks of having this planner and using it, I have found it to be immensely useful in focusing my intentions and helping me find the calm in my chaotic brain.

There are many planners out there that will help keep a person focused and intentional in their lives. I chose the Christian Planner because it’s a veteran owned company hoping to help others find their focus and founding in Christ.

Check out Christian Planner!

Let us banish every fearful thought, and rejoice with exceeding great joy, in the prospect that this year we shall begin to be “forever with the Lord”

Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening, Day One

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