I’ll Pray For You

Prayer Mate

prayermate_helps_meHave you ever had someone share a struggle with you? Do you let them know you will pray for them? Do you follow up with that? I have to admit that with the best of intentions, those prayers often slip through my mind and never pass my lips again. Yes, I know, it’s sad. God calls us to lift one another up in prayer, but many of us fail to remember to pray for each other as we struggle through this journey called ‘life’.

Many people have encouraged me to keep a prayer journal via notebooks or 3-ring binders. While I have a nice stash of empty 3-ring binders, I needed something that I would look at every day, and trust me 3-ring binders are very easy to ignore in my household! I needed something that would grab my attention and actually remind me to pray for others. I think I found something that is going to help me follow through and remember to pray for others!! It’s an app called Prayer Mate, and I love it!! You can find it for both Apple and Android devices.

PrayerMate (Android)    or     PrayerMate (Apple)

PrayerMate is a prayer journal that will also send push reminders so that you do, indeed, pray for those whom you promised to pray for. That is helpful for me.


You can organize your prayers into either the provided categories or create your own, then organize them how you would like for them to show up on your screen.

When I open the app for my prayer time, I can see a quick snapshot of who and what I am praying for today. When setting up each prayer, I can choose what days they show up for prayer. For instance I have 5 children and each child gets a day of the working week to pray over. I can also put a date on the prayer for when it can auto archive. For example, if a surgery or birth is coming up, I can place a date for those prayers to be archived (put away).


There are other categories that are already included and somewhat set up, but you can personalize them as well. For personal Godliness, I can choose any portion of scripture to pray for myself and my sanctification! This would be a perfect place to include a favorite Psalm or Proverb passage to meditate on. Another great option is to subscribe or download prayers subjects that are ‘canned’ or already organized!


There are also Biblical prayers you can include to pray through or have them memorized to recall when you need them.

I put pictures into my prayer requests whenever I can. This helps me to remember who I am praying for and it’s so much more personal when I can look at the person I am ‘on my knees’ for. This also lets me tell people I am praying for them when I ask for their picture. It’s keeps me honest and accountable 😉


Some of the features that I just love are:

  • the ability to create my own categories or types of prayer
  • the ability to organize my daily prayers as I wish to pray them
  • the push notifications to remind me to pray!
  • the ability to use dropbox with this app
  • the ability to password protect my app!! I pray for sensitive things that I don’t need my children stumbling into them.
  • I can quickly look through the ‘recently prayed’ screen to remind myself what I prayed for.
  • I can look at the archives to see the prayers that have been answered.

You can find more ‘how-to’ information on Andy Geers support website.

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