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Sunday Games

This post is from way back, August 2010. We still enjoy family games on Sunday. This was a great memory to read back through!

Sunday at our home is family time, after church we do a little lunch and then vote on which family activity we are going to do. I bruised my heel last week on a jog, so I was actually thankful for the rain that kept us indoors yesterday. Our 5yr old voted for charades and family hide-and-seek. Two things about our game yesterday just cracked me up.

1st: my daughter is very girly, so her acting centers around such things as princesses or fairies. She asked our jock-5yr old to help with one. Now our 5yr old is so boy. He is amazing in that he can pick up any sport and master it almost instantly, his coordination is just wow!!! Unlike our oldest, he has NEVER put on a dress for play time… he is just my boy boy. So these two come around the door way sword fighting like pros!!! They are swashbuckling with the best of them- Princess Bride, 3 Musketeers, Prince Caspian, etc. my husband hollers out “dueling fairies!” Josh stops instantly and FULL of indignation says “I am NOT a fairy!!!” he was also not very thrilled when mommy busted out laughing.

2nd: Again, we are doing charades. I wish you guys could meet my husband, because knowing my hubby makes this all the more funny. He is a burly, furry, large muscled guy. He is not dainty in any way, is an ex football player and wrestler. So his turn came up for a charade. He comes around the corner with his nose in the air, prancing on his toes, and clapping his arms close to his chest. I am just too struck with how funny he looks to be guessing. He is on his third pass through our living room (never breaking the prancing toes thing) when it hits me…. he is a seal bouncing a ball. I laughed so hard my side was splitting and I am quite thankfulI I had nothing in my mouth because I would have spewed it out my nose!!! It was hilarious!!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Games”

  1. Honey, making you laugh is one of the highlights of my life. I’m glad my spot-on “performing seal” act brought a smile to your face.

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