Being a single mother.

It has been over a month since Michelle Obama stated that she felt like a single mother as she shoulders the majority of child rearing while our President maintains a very busy, 24/7 schedule. I myself would joke around with my friends during seminary that we were ‘seminary widows’ who carried most of the parenting responsibility while our husbands were completely focused on their heavy educational burden. Even when they were home, they were sequestered with their books and laptops writing papers and were uninvolved with parenting the children. But it wasn’t real ‘single parenthood’ because if I called out for help, the man would quickly appear to pitch in.

I had a similar experience when my husband was deployed in 2007. I had to kiss hubby goodbye, sleep in a bed alone, mend all boo-boo’s by myself, and move us half way across the country with only my sisters to pitch in. But again, I had help and my support chain was only a phone call or Skype conversation away.

Have you ever walked a mile in these shoes? Being a single mother is a hard role to play. But even I recognize that I have never been a true single mother. A single parent means no partner, no back up, often no familial help, and a painful loneliness at night often accompanied by exhaustion.

If you desire to learn about living as a single parent, or if you know a single parent and want to reach out in support of these folks, please stop over to my blogging buddies space, Single Mom in the South. She is fielding questions about the divorce process and she truly wants others to learn to empathise and support the single parents in your sphere. Please consider asking your own questions and seriously reach out to the single mothers around you. It was a very hard stretch in my life and I truly recognize it was more like ‘playing one on TV’.

Click here to visit the single series

God may bless us as we learn to appreciate and empathize with each other.

2 thoughts on “Being a single mother.”

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out and for being such a kind and empathetic friend! I would imagine that being a military wife, while sharing similarities, has the whole added element of worrying about your loved one’s safety all while doing the every day alone. Let’s just say as a single mom, I’m not so concerned with the safety of my ex! 🙂

    1. Hahaha, good point. I am hoping that we can all learn from each other and be more compassionate. I’m pretty sure I read something like that, written by a guy with scars on his hands 😉

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