Button Swap

 photo 5ba33e74-eeac-44b3-a598-c4c8c0fd7db9_zps9a8f65f5.jpg

I recently discovered a very cool idea located on a fellow blogger’s page. Over at Highhill Homeschool, Julie has come up with a great ad idea. Instead of paid advertisements, she offers a button swap. She will host a button on her front page in return for the blogger posting hers.I thought that was a wonderful idea! I recognize that for many, blogging is a way to earn a bit of extra income and therefore ads are a source of income for them. I still blog on a free hosting site and don’t really have any desire for my blog to feel ‘incorporated’, if you know what I mean.

However, I love the idea of a button swap. So, would you like to swap buttons with me?

 photo 482cd4c8-8f3d-4f2c-87b0-03486f40df93_zps09cc4a4d.jpg

  • I will host for a month at a time, and vice versa
  • button space on my page is 155px wide
  • contact me via the comment section below

I am currently supporting my husband and his new adventure into the web world. He is doing a series on his website about Forgiveness in Marriage. I would be very excited for you to host his button image in exchange for button time on my blog.


Questions, comments, or concerns?

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