Battlefield Mania

our children will probably NEVER want to hit another battle field as long as they live. we got to the DC area in april. we just happen to need to do one more unit of history at that point, all our other homeschooling was complete. i chose to do our civil war unit and of course that meant hitting as many of the battlefields in the area that we could. during our first visit to manassas we found out that they were going to be doing re-enactments later this summer. so of course we came back for that!!! the kids got to wear uniforms, hold guns, touch the tack and stuff the soldiers had to carry, and they even had a short rifle lesson (with wooden rifles of course). it was a lot of fun and the kids got many kudos from the guys there when they asked very good questions. one actor even singled me out to ask how my kids knew so much about General Lee. i got as far as saying “homeschool” and he smiled, “aha!” if you guys every get out this way, these sites are amazing!! great videos for explanation and all the actors we talked to spoke patiently to kids and used clean language. it was a GREAT day!

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