wandering thoughts of my sporadic mind

well, tis wednesday day again, and i thought i would quickly jot down the wacky things that ran though my mind recently… if i can find them!!! (apparently there are dark places in there that you can’t get out of, or so my memory keeps telling me)

–if you have listed on the meal planning for the week: sandwiches and grilled stuff…. the dog IS going to get into the pantry and eat all bread goods half way through the week!

–of course you found it in the last place you looked for it, did you think you would continue looking for the thing you found?

–with 5 children in the house, there really is nothing you can try to ‘just make last’ in a week between grocery trips!

–why is it again that we drive on the parkways and park in the driveway??

–did you know that some doors are hollow? just ask your child to swing from the door knob, they will show you how hollow the door is!

–cell phones DO NOT actually like taking baths!! my sister and my best friend recently found this out 😉

–if you wish to test the Sovereignty of God, try making a plan and see just how well you accomplish it

–did you know that if you toss lots of sugar into a pan with hot oil and popcorn kernels in it, you can and will set off your smoke alarm!!!

–after moving school to our unfinished basement loaded with crickets, i discovered that the tickling sensation on my neck was not stray hair

–my children love to sing and will gladly serenade any person in any place at any time! just ask the people in the immunization office at Fort Meade’s medical center.

–i am pretty sure some folks don’t come with a filter on their mouths…. my husband told me to keep everyone away from the part of the house where the large trees are since the current storm, besides the massive thunder shaking the windows, is supposed to be sporting winds that will knock down trees….. all this in front of our children!!

–i am so thankful for txt messaging on my phone!!! without that i would not get to ‘converse’ with anyone!!! i feel my paternal grandmother’s pain, she was once awakened by one of her boys saying “mom, i can’t put it out.”

God Bless, and i hope your wacky wednesday went well for you!! we are still smiling here in the duncan household!!

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