doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor

okay, who hasn’t seen “spies like us” and remember that scene where the doctors are being introduced and the whole 5 minute round of “doctor” “doctor” “doctor”…

anyway, i feel like that is my day today!!  noah hit the Ped this morning for a rash he has on his body.  at the ER saturday (noah fell down the basement steps, ALL THE WAY DOWN, and had a lump on the side of his head.  no soft spots but he got a good lump on one side (the swelling did go down, so i feel exonerated, it wasn’t just the funky shape of his head!!). anyway, the ER doc found this rash on his body.  because one of them was circular in shape he said “ringworm”   the ped today said eczema.  so my poor baby (dripping sarcasm here) has to take a long soaking warm bath with his mommy EVERY NIGHT, and then all gooped up like a greased pig.  rats, did i mention every night???  see i have this great 75 gallon jetted tub that i love.  but here in the DC area water happens to be the most expensive utility, no joke!!  so now i HAVE to take a soaking bath EVERY NIGHT with the baby.  ah, the tortuous things we do for our children right? 🙂

so after those 2 hours in the doc office we have bekah’s follow up appt with the orthopedic people to schedule her surgery.  so that will be another round of sitting in a doc office up in baltimore.  did i ever mention that i have 5 kids???  those exam rooms at JH are a bit small.  i am going to cheat today and either bring our Secret Garden (we just met dicken in the last chapter) or bring daddy’s old laptop for a movie.  i may do both.  mommy can’t do too much reading today, i have a nasty head cold going on.  it feels better after both my best friend and hubby said “DO THE SINUS RINSE THING”   okay, okay. 

anyway, been home for almost an hour now, then will get back in the car for the 45 min drive north to JH.  thank you Lord for allowing me to homeschool the kids!! i can’t imagine trying to finagle all this with kids in school and trying to figure out who is getting the kids for me if i am not home in time….oh what a head ache!!

4 thoughts on “doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor”

  1. We’ve done the eczema thing here too. Only, at age 11, I can’t soak with my son any more! Hope the rest of your week is doctor-free! Thanks for visiting from Friday Frags. I’m just now making the rounds.

  2. Goodness me, what busyness! Providentially, we have not had an ER visit of our own yet. Hope that rash get’s better quickly and that the kids sit still during all those appts.

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