happy birthday, boys!!!

today is december 6th.  it is a very special day in our home because we have TWO birthdays on this very day.  my husband turns 34 today, and my oldest son turns 10.  holy cow, i have a child a decade old!!!
  Ben was born in Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  His father had recently joined the military and the family had been stationed here.  His mother described Ben as a very smart little boy who could answer the phone with complete, short sentences at 14months.  He was extremely active with Baseball (a choice fielder and could hit the ball over the fence easily..except for game day jitters), he was a wrestler, he played football and was asked to play varsity as a freshman in Germany.  Ben grew up in     the military moving from the far west of our 50 states to jumping across the pond to foreign countries.  I met him just after his father retired from active military service.  He was 15 at the time.  Since meeting him and marrying shortly after high school graduation, we have still moved around the country.  We have celebrated birthdays in Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, Kansas, and now Maryland.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!  I look forward to all the rest of your birthdays!!  I wonder where we celebrate your birthday next??
Danny is our firstborn.  He was a present to Ben on his 24th birthday.  I had pains for 2 full days, but never got organized or very close.  When we hit the Dr. office that 3rd morning, he told me i was only 2 cm.  He gave me the option of getting actively involved or remain passive.  Passive meant more days of pain, who knows how long, so i went for active.  We entered the hospital by 9am, was induced with all the pleasant Pitocin a person could want, and Danny was out by supper time.  He is my very logical, straight line child.  Nuances are lost on him, he needs to hear it with black and white terms.  He is a sensitive boy and very loving for a pre-teen, he also still at 10 does not need much sleep 😦  He likes to have his space (which is hard with this size crew) and he wants the things he sets up to be left alone (also hard with a 3yr old).  But i can count on him to pitch in and help me out.  he readily steps up when daddy is not here and he is my little knight in shining t-shirt!!!  I love you Danny!!!  I am not at all ready for you to leave the nest!

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