Friday Fragments

happy friday morning, folks!!  here we are looking at another fragmented friday with Mrs. 4444!!!  and i cannot believe that i was the first to link in!!!!  it’s been my goal for weeks, but seriously i can’t actually commit any time to attempting.  but woohoo for the falling into it!!

Mommy's Idea
what a crazy week we have had here in this house!!! i almost can’t remember what all went on….

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i am going to steal a little ditty from my friend.  they are expecting a new little bundle of joy (yay for them!!)  when they told their other 3 children the middle boy said “hey, if we get goggles, we can see the baby in your tummy, mom!”

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i have to give some props to the folks at Johns Hopkins.  i appreciate the doc at the pediatric orthopedic group.  he told me this week that he is unwilling to mess around with stuff that won’t necessarily help my daughter’s arm and could possibly cause her issues in the future.  that is very comforting to know that they won’t go hacking around just to make things ‘look good’ on paper…. being military, you may not realize just how nice that really is 😉
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my oldest was able to get his ID card on his birthday.  he is extremely proud of it!!  he even wanted to sit right up in the front seat when we hit post today.  he was just chomping at the bit to see his ID card go into the guard’s hand and be scanned…. it was cute!!!
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this saturday marks the army vs. navy football game.  this game holds years of memories for me because my grandfather, father, uncles, cousins, great uncles…. and so on and so forth were all navy.  i had one great uncle who was indeed in the army.  so every game day we eagerly waited for the score.  the winner would then shoot a little letter (hand written back in the day) to the loser.  my great uncle is gone now, so i guess i must carry on the tradition since i myself am the only army person in this navy tradition…. and my darling grandfather STILL will tell me every chance he gets “kay, shoulda gone navy!”
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that is really all that is coming to mind this week.  i hope you all had a great week, are looking at a great weekend…… GO ARMY!!!

8 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. The ID story brought back memories. My oldest daughter got one probably earlier than normal because of our divorce. Anyway she was 7 and kept calling it her IDea. It was a big thing.

  2. Congrats on being first! I think I was first once and it really was a good feeling :)Good for you, for choosing to continue the tradition! Go Army!Kristin – The Goat

  3. Visiting from Mrs. 4444. Yay on being number 1!I think the goggle thing is way cool and creative!I enjoyed reading your post and reading other posts.

  4. My dad was in the army, and I have to Navy vets for brothers; I can’t imagine what that football game would have been like at our house!Sounds like you’ve got a good doctor. Good luck with your daughter’s arm.Kay, it is absolutely GORGEOUS in here!! I LOVE your layout!! Thanks for playing FF this week 🙂

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