Attitude Adjustment

Ah, it’s Monday again, isn’t it?  Does anyone else just have a problem getting motivated on Mondays… or any day, for that matter?  Well, we do too.  Homeschoolers aren’t some weird secret society with a limitless supply of creativity and happy ‘chi’.  Our cool-aid sometimes has a bit less sugar than we like and our pencils just bust (sometimes literally).

We had a whole year like this, actually.  We struggled with subjects, we struggled with books, and we struggled with just getting TO the schoolroom.  It was a miserable year.  I am so embarrassed to confess that the school year was almost finished before I got a clue.  I was sitting in a bath, getting some down time, having an earnest prayer time about the one thing I felt I was failing at.. teaching my children.  God gently put a mirror in my face to show me that I was very much the problem.  I didn’t want to ‘play the game’ anymore.  I was quite ready to ‘pick up my ball and go home’.

I did some soul searching, I actually polled the kids on some things, and we agreed to find a creative way to start our school week.  Since our family really enjoys music, we often choose to start the week with the iPod plugged into the surround sound, moshing or air jamming our Monday morning away.  It helps to get our blood pumping, our funk chased off, and our smiles firmly planted on our faces.  We then trek down to the schoolroom.  It sounds crazy, but it works for us.  My kids have had great attitudes towards school and their teacher is excited to teach.  I am sharing one such jam session with you all today.  It always helps the kiddos when I pull out the camera.  I have natural hams 😉

8 thoughts on “Attitude Adjustment”

  1. Always PLAY with your kids…it means much to both of you. I thank Daniel for shutting the door…gma was worried about that too. I suggest some eggs with that HAM!!!

  2. Very creative (and effective) way to start the day! Thanks for the morning pick-me-up…Love your new blog title…made me smile.Also cracking up that my word verification is “fookbeg”

  3. Now that is hilarious!!!!! Pull that out when they start dating! LOL! I love the idea of dancing prior to school..helps to get the wiggles out too. 🙂

  4. that is so neat and cute love it! I try my best to always remember to play with the kids 😉 your very creative ! I love it! Donna Fusonhttp://donnafuson.blogspot.com/

  5. Oh how fun! You have such beautiful children. (We have something else in common, I have 3 too–2 boys and a daughter!) I did have to agree with how sometimes we don’t want to face the truth, but thankfully the Lord is gentle if we have a willing heart. Glad you found the thrill again! Homeschooling is not for wimps, that’s for sure! Hugs,Tamara (Blogging Buddy!)http://apronstringsandholythings.blogspot.com

  6. Stopping by to say Hi from Blogging Buddies. I’m your newest follower. That is a truly awesome way to start the day, with a song in your heart. Isn’t it amazing what we hear from the Lord when we quite ourselves? Your post made me start hummimg: Word Of God Speak by MercyMe Have a wonderful day!

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