Friday Fragments on Sat night

Mommy's IdeaIt is Friday and the fragments are rolling!!!  Well, I hope they are.  I forgot to write things down as they happened this week…. so sorry 😉  Actually, this post was supposed to be linked in last week.  I just got totally side tracked with hubby home from work.  That means that I had 6 people needing my attention instead of just the 5 munchkins I usually have here….oh wait, I need to include the dog.. 7.

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I thought for sure our youngest had an ear infection.  So I took him in to his Ped to find out why on earth he is such a crabby baby, not sleeping through the night even near age 1.  It turns out that Noah is just a super fussy child.  There was no pill to give him, nothing that we could do to change that fact.  He is what he is.  It can be such a bummer to hear such things, you know???

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I have been dedicating my time this week to our annual testing, or at least the hunt for the supplies and the testing service.  This year I had to do some research with the assessment testing since there have been changes and shifts in trend.  I like to stay informed about such things because I really do Homeschool so that my kids can have the best possible options for their lives.  It works for us and I just really do wish lots of success for them in the future.  I will have to be honest, there was so much out there I wrote a quick post about it on our family website Cleaving to Christ Homeschool, if you are interesting in diving into that deep pool.  If you have school age kids in any educational track, it is still good to be ‘in the know’ about what the assessments look like and what they are looking for.

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Heard this week in our home:
But mom, the boogers are happy, they want to stay in my nose!
Mom, he hit me!!
No mom, i was hitting him BACK!!
Mom, I am totally done with all my books for the year!!
Mom, did the tornadoes come back?
Mom, show me that flip on the trampoline again!
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I have a great couple of days.  With blogger acting up I got serious about grading the last of our school books and I got serious about sweeping up the dog hair in the basement… oh I got serious about getting out my summer stuff and putting away my beloved sweaters and such.

We have had over night kiddy guests and birthday parties, we have cleaned the house nicely and even run around outside.  I actually scrubbed the entire are around my jetted tub.  So really, I was not at all upset about the blogger being down.  I needed it, my kids needed it and my house needed.  I hope you all found great productive things to do.  I am putting this out now since I didn’t get to plug in to FF with my peeps. 


3 thoughts on “Friday Fragments on Sat night”

  1. It’s never to late to frag! :)I agree with Amy.As a teacher, I appreciate your dedication to quality home schooling. I’ve had three students come to me from homeschooling, and only one of them actually learned anything at home. (the other two simply stayed home)Here’s to a little more “you-time” this week 🙂

  2. ok, i will get the video done, but promise no laughing about the look of certain body parts flying around ;-)i have met some of those folks who homeschool just to hang out at home. it really makes those of us who take it, maybe even too, seriously pretty lame.

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