cleavingtochrist.comOver Memorial Day weekend, we drove down to the hill country of South Carolina to see Daddy. We had loads of fun at local parks, the hotel pool, but of course, our family vacation is never complete without some history adventures!!

This time we investigated some Revolutionary War sites. Cowpens was our first of such stops.  Here Gen. Morgan took on “Bloody” Benny Tarleton on a little patch of ground used to funnel livestock heading to market…. the patch of ground sat between 2 sections of SC swamp.

Into this conflict, General George Washington sent the very capable Nathanael Greene to take command of the Southern army. Against military custom, Greene, just two weeks into his command, split his army, sending General Daniel Morgan southwest of the Catawba River to cut supply lines and hamper British operations in the backcountry, and, in doing so “spirit up the people”. General Cornwallis, British commander in the South, countered Greene’s move by sending Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton to block Morgan’s actions. Tarleton was only twenty-six, but he was an able commander, both feared and hated – hated especially for his victory at the Waxhaws.11 There, Tarleton was said to have continued the fight against remnants of the Continental Army trying to surrender. His refusal, tradition says, of offering no quarter, led to the derisive term “Tarleton’s Quarter”. (NPS.gov)

In a classic ‘boxing strategy’ Morgan boxed the British and caused the mass surrender.  The park is lovely, they are currently working on restoring it (but leaving off the swamp 😉  There is a lovely 1 mile walking trail through the battlefield and plenty of ‘hands on’ things for kids to do.  Our kids had a great time, WE had a great time, and I learned so much more about our battle for Independence!

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