Friday Fragments

Mommy's IdeaFriday, welcome!!  Thank you for ushering in the weekend!  Join me in dumping your fragments with our lovely hostess, Mrs. 4444.

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Did you guys hear about the AWOL soldier who had bomb making stuff in his possession? He requested ‘consciencious objector’ status for the war in Iraq/Afghanistan… yet he was in possession of bomb making material possibly targeting Hood. So, you are wasting tax payer dollars on a soldier who doesn’t want to fight overseas, but you are willing to bomb folks here, in the country paying your salary??

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I still continues to be a bit muggy and hot here in the DC area. Our second heat wave is hitting today, 103!!!! The natives tell me this is highly unusual and we are all waiting for it to go away.  It has not kept us inside, however.  My kids are on the trampoline, running around on roller blades, or bikes.  They come in looking quite… um… rough??  Our water bill for this next quarter is going to be huge 😦  My garden required water as well, but finally I have fruit on my plants!!! Yay!!  My cantaloupe plant is nearly taking over the garden though!!

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I don’t usually get to watch Letterman, but I found his top 10 list and just cracked up!!!  I could have added a few myself…

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Heard around our house this week:

“desus, pz hep me to be dood, and hep you not to send da tunder and lietning”
“Mom, can I take another shower?”
“Mom, Noah is on the table again!  He is swinging the lights!”
“Mom, I don’t want to do summer school!”
“Well, I really don’t either!  Next year, take your exams seriously.”
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Friday’s flashback
My favorite band of all time!!
I finally got out for my hair cut last Saturday and
this song came on our radio.  I was jamming and a happy mommy!!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. I guess if I were in that awful heat I’d be happy that the kids were still willing to get outdoors. I just hole up in AC now when it gets hot and sticky. I’m glad you mentioned the water bill because I need to be outdoors right now watering my cucumbers. Thanks!

  2. Oh my Lord. I was in New Jersey last month and it was 91 and humid and I thought THAT was bad. I honestly don’t know how I’d survive heat over 100 degrees. I hope the heat wave breaks soon!

  3. I’m glad they caught that idiot before he got to accomplish his goal.I guess wet kids are better than hot/whiny kids. Good luck with the water bill!”desus, pz hep me to be dood” soooo cute :)Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend!

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