The Big Sigh!!

Have you ever lost anything that really can’t be replaced?  I did.  It makes your tummy knotted up and sort of sick feeling.

I know this feeling because a few weeks ago I ‘lived through it’ with my folks.  They were looking at their vacation pictures on the TV.  Dad went to delete a fuzzy one and blip, they all disappeared.  Every last one of them.  We all felt awful!!  Then the ray of light: we have a friend here who was able to retrieve them!!

Well now it was my turn.  I couldn’t find the photos from our first round of summer guests.  And they are not replaceable because they are of our buddies stationed in Germany who had come for a visit.  Very rare and precious pictures 😦  I was not able to have my friend retrieve them because I had written over them on the memory stick, I know I did because I thought I had downloaded the stupid pictures already.

However, the happy ending… I JUST FOUND THE PICTURES!!!  How exciting, yes, you all probably heard me squeal from where you are… especially my dear friend Andrea in Germany!!!  I found them, A, I finally found them!!!

Mom and the 2 girls came to see us the first week hubby was gone for classes.  Andrea was a gift when we lived in NC.  Our hubbies were assigned to the same chapel on Bragg.  We got the chance to gel closely when her hubby was deployed.  She is a true friend.

You know the kind…

  • when you can be yourself, even the ugly self, and the friend stays.  
  • You move away (as all military folks do) and you miss each other painfully!!  
  • The kind who comes home from being abroad for 2 years and chooses you as the first big part of the trip stateside.  
  • The kind that interprets your mood from a text message and delivers a latte because you were worth the effort. 
  • The kind that brings your favorite Chinese dish because she wants to
  • the kind who cries with you when you have to give your dog away
  • the kind who keep your huge passel of kids so you can have a weekend away with your husband ALONE!!

One of those gifts of friendship never to be taken for granted.  We decided that if the economy truly collapses, we are going to buy land and co-exist on our acreage, because I know we could do it 😉  Thanks A for the visit, it was wonderful!!!

on the naval academy

chick and ruth’s 5 pound milk shake!!

git ‘er done kids!

taking a break with the fries

mission completed 🙂

ah… boats…view from the academy

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2 thoughts on “The Big Sigh!!”

  1. Hi! Followed your comment on my blog (thank you!) to here. I’m glad you found your pictures. It’s horrible to lose those. That milkshake is something else.

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