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Never Forget 9/11

Twin towers Pictures, Images and Photos

Fourteen years ago our country was attacked by terrorists.  They hijacked 4 planes: one hit our pentagon, two flew into each of the twin towers in New York City, and one crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.  America had just been attacked! I had just started my 2 week ‘summer camp’ with my Reserve unit and we were suddenly placed on lock down with armed guards at the gate. It is a moment in my history that I will never forget!

I would like to thank all those who bravely entered the burning buildings, running into and towards danger.  I would like to thank those who cared for and comforted the wounded.  I would like to thank our military for going into the battle after those who did this (especially the soldier I also call husband).  I would especially like to thank Seal Team 6 for getting the job done!!!!

May we all understand our past and use that knowledge to adjust our futures!! This is my favorite 9/11 Tribute so far…

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