I went home!


I had the most wonderful week last week.  My hubby sent me home for my niece’s birth.  So of course, since I create blog posts in my mind all the time, I immediately planned my Memory Lane.  I am walking you through my childhood in Des Moines, IA.  You can play this group of songs while you cruise through the pictures.  Feel free to join in or just enjoy my memories!!

we loved playing in the rain!
thanks mom for letting us!!

love me some B-Bops burgers!!

sweet 16 at Chi Chi’s
this restaurant is closed down now 😦

the old, faithful, red, ford truck
(notice no dings, dents)
no longer living and with us, but oh the memories in that truck!!

ah, my mother’s rice krispy treats!! 
she made these for me this last week

flew over lake Michigan into Milwaukee
we lived in Chicago for a few years and played around this lake all the time!
not my home town, but lots of memories from my past!!
we visited Milwaukee while I was 5mos pregnant with my oldest,
we went through the Miller Brewing Tour, almost make me sick!!!

we always have to eat at tasty tacos!!
the old train trestle behind my parent’s house,
we used to play on this for hours!!
ooops, mom, you didn’t read that!!!

this truck advertisement has been here since before I began driving!

my high school!

I truly believe that our gold dome is the most beautiful capitol building ever!!

Memory Lane

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