Fraggin my Friday

Mommy's IdeaWell, here we are again!!  Friday.  I am getting a jump on things and typing this up Thursday night.  I want to get stuff out before I forget it, and my hubby has duty tonight.  Supper is done, kitchen is clean… no one to talk to 😦  Kids have a movie on….I have a toddler climbing me…

Ok, wrapping this up and toddler just fell on dogs face.  He jumped but was trapped.  Didn’t move, didn’t growl, nothing.  Good boy!!


The sun is officially setting on summer.  In fact, the kids put on fleece pullovers to head out to play tonight.  I sure don’t mind, I love sweater weather, but that also means I need to plan out my fall blog template.  I love playing with colors and such, but it sure takes time to get it all to jive right.  I know some folks never change their layouts.  Those are some lucky and contented people.  My blog is my only creative outlet.  We rent and have not been given permission to paint.  So I am stuck playing here.


I don’t get tweets, I am limited on my texting.  But my cousin forwards his funny tweets on to me.  There are some seriously FUNNY people in this country!!  Here are some of my faves:

  • Happiness is like peeing your pants.  Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth. (redbull)
  • Today I saw a baby with a bib that said “This dumb*!$%  put my cape on backwords.” (matt kenseth)
  • I hate finding out I’m arguing with someone who knows what they’re talking about. (kelly oxford)  *my cousin claims she was referring to men, ya, whatever!*
  • BS, don’t pretend you don’t care about your birthday.  It’s like watching a hooker pretend she’s out for a walk when the cops drive by. (sh%& my dad says)
  • Cheney says memoir will cause “heads exploding all over Washington.”  Is he quail hunting again? (postpolitics, paul begala)

Holy cow, what a Tuesday I had!!  I got up early to take hubby in to work.  He had all his uniforms to store at work and bags of whatever.  Since he now has to take the train (lack of parking, way to go Navy!!) he didn’t want to haul all that to work.  So I dragged sleeping kids out of bed (totally out of my comfort/knowledge zone) and drove him to work.  We left the house before 0600 and I was pulling back into the garage by 0645.  Ugh, I don’t know how folks do it!!!!!?????  I was dragging all day.

Which means I hardly handled the spill yogurt on the carpet, the dog and his bathroom issues on my carpet (thank  you Lord for the carpet shampooer!!!), the dragging of baby by 4yr old out of playpen by one arm, the broken plate on the kitchen floor, and the discovery of the split cabinet door on our rental house.  Just not a good day for me 😦


I spent the last week in heaven… er, I mean Iowa.  I posted pictures of my old stomping ground in my Memory Lane posting Monday.  One of the best parts for me was getting to know one of my nieces better.  We live too far away to get real close, but it just cracked me up that somehow I became “Uncle Kay.”  Of course the jokes abounded 😉

  • well, you always were the boy of the family
  • no!  you are so soft spoken and kind!
  • you must have intimidated her.

Heading into the weekend, ready for football again.  I had to record the Iowa vs Iowa State game last weekend and my DVR stopped right after the coin toss of the first overtime. The game was tied, it was a very close game the whole way!  My hubby laughed because about half time I became a turn-coat and cheered for the school where my folks met, not my regular Hawks.  ISU pulled it off and won the game in triple overtime!!  And I freaking missed it 😦  Here’s for another weekend of football!!

Have ya a good one!

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5 thoughts on “Fraggin my Friday”

  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!Another football girl: LOVE IT!!! :)Don’t you just love days when everything seems to go wrong? (dripping with sarcasm!)

  2. he is actually a GREAT dog for kids. our little one pets him violently, skis behind him with his tail, and uses him for a comfy chair. the dog is fantastic!oh, i love those tweets! there were some other funny tweets that i could not share because of the language, but cracked me up ;-)that baby bib made me laugh pretty hard. then my kids wanted to know what i was laughing at 😦

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