Nursing Woes


My poor baby sister.  She is nursing and has a blocked milk duct.  If you have ever experienced this horrible thing, you are cringing with her even now.  I have had this happen with all 5 of my kids during nursing.  With my 5th baby I had full blown mastitis.

It happened on a warm day, which is why I became alarmed that I felt so darn cold 😦  We had done our family grocery shopping together and half way through the store I started feeling ‘icky’.  Not super sick, I just felt like I needed to sit down.  I could also tell it was time to nurse the baby soon.  I just figured I had over done it that day because I tend to ignore my body’s warning signs that I may be going too far.  My folks have always teased me that I only get sick when my body needs to rest ‘for real’.

Anyway, by the time I got home I was dizzy and very nauseated.  I made it to the base of our stairs.  My hubby was very concerned.  He was walking behind me asking “what’s wrong, are you okay?”  I was too dizzy to answer.  I crawled up the stairs on my hands and knees.  I pulled myself into the recliner in our bedroom and asked for a blanket.  Hubby wrapped me up in the blanket but I still felt so cold.  At this point hubby was near panic.  He ran for the thermometer and my temp was 102.6 (very high for a person who doesn’t do fevers at all).  Hubby called our doc and drove me straight in for the appointment.  Sure enough, it was full blown Mastitis.  I had guessed what it could be because my best friend had the same thing happen with her second baby.  I knew what I was probably looking at by knowing her experience.  After antibiotics it cleared up, but holy cow what a painful and crazy experience.

Have you ever been that sick?  What happened to you?  Please feel free to share your experience with us!  Join in on the Memory Lane Blog Hop.

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1 thought on “Nursing Woes”

  1. That sounds completely rotten! I’m glad I have you and Mom to help talk me through things, but I wish you didn’t have to experience them firsthand 😦

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