Top10 Fears

Top Ten {Tuesday}I read this morning that it is national Face Your Fears day.  So my top 10 for today are my top ten fears.

10. I fear being seen naked in front of others. (one of those annoying nightmares that pops up every once in a while)

9. I fear not being liked.

8. The migraine.  (the migraine knocks me off my feet, and when I feel one coming on I get so scared “how bad will it be this time?”)

7. I am afraid of failing as a mother.  There are many ways I could really fail as a mother.  I don’t want to mess up my children and their chances in the future.

6. Dying before my children are grown.

5. Watching my children die.

4. I fear not being liked.

3. The inevitable weakening of my earthen vessel.

2. Having another car accident.

1. That my husband would ever say to me “I don’t love you anymore”  I seriously doubt this would ever happen, I have a really great guy.  But so many of our fears are such silly, unfounded things, right?

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