FF for Band Geeks

Mommy's IdeaOh yea, Friday my friend, so glad to see you!!  Please joine Mrs. 4444 and fragment your friday away 😉

My newest niece is adorable.  I got to see her the day she was born, which is so rare when you are moving about the country with the military.  I got this in my email this week.  Brianna is such a cutie!

I feel the desire to grip about guestbooks online.  Apparently they have gone by the wayside these days in the blogosphere.  But I happen to like the one from slide.com.  It was very cute, attractive and fun.  But they are shutting down their business and away goes my cute flag guestbook.  Oh well 😦

Though I was not personally a band geek, hubby was in the band (though suited up in sports gear during football games), I have to send props out to this Ohio marching band!!!  YOu guys rock!

We found out this week that I am getting a nephew!!  My younger sister had a Gender Party.  This is when you take a sealed envelope with the bbby’s gender inside to the bakery/cake people.  They color the cake blue for a boy and pink for a girl.  Then during this party when the cake is cut, everyone gets to learn the gender of the baby!!  I was not able to be there physically, but I got a picture on my phone right after they cut it.  Mom and Dad to be are holding a blue piece of cake.  Woohoo!  Now I have someplace to send all these boys’ clothes!!

Last video to share with you all is a Geico commercial that just cracks me up!!

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2 thoughts on “FF for Band Geeks”

  1. Thanks for finding my blog today and leaving a comment.Geico has the BEST commercials.About playing my “Pick ‘Em” game – – – I DO put the Iowa games in much of the time, but they are playing Indiana this week and well, we all know THAT won’t be much of a game. AND, I have more games on the “pick list” than what I put at the top of my blog too.If you think you really might like to play – – – let me know in an e-mail closer to fall. There’s a link to my e-mail on my profile.

  2. Your niece is too cute for words. And her smile is contagious. I’m still smiling back.Hey…thanks for visiting with me today. And in regards to working on your genealogy…ya, Ancestry dot com is okay. I had a membership – but just for a while. I got a lot of info first from my family members when they were still around us [they’ve all passed away tho now] — I’ve been working on my family’s genealogy since about 25 years now. Another good place is, if you are near a larger city, is an LDS establishment. They have all kinds of FREE files…and computers and microfiche films and censuses from a long time ago. Try them if you can. Type in Genealogy…in Google…all kinds of help online too. Hope that helps.

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