Oh, the insanity

Mommy's IdeaLife has been very busy here these past weeks.  I love jumping in to FF with Mrs. 4444, but lately I just haven’t been able to make it happen.

We are heading to Iowa for Thanksgiving week!  I am so excited!  It has been years since we have enjoyed this holiday at home with family and extended family!  I had the kids packed several days in advance!! Woohoo!  But downside was packing sparked a clean out project of the kids dressers 😦  It felt good to get that done, it just wasn’t on my radar, you know??

A full bag for just the kids, that’s a first for me.  Also, I had to pack the car topper with the baby boy clothes I am taking home for my sister.  I literally had to push the stuff in and apply weight to get the zipper shut.  It was so funny looking that hubby snapped a photo and said “you are going to want to blog about this.”

We have had some really silly conversations around here this week!!

“Mom, would you rather fly or walk over a pool of lava?”
“Mom, what would you do if you came home and the house had 
bullet holes all over it, I was lying in blood unconscious,
and someone was going through your jewelry in your room?”

“Mom, are you having a bad day, cause you seem pretty tense.”

I came home the other night to some drama in the neighborhood.  The house kitty corner to us had a domestic disturbance issue.  The gal living there got knocked around by her boyfriend.  The brothers of the gal didn’t appreciate this, so they beat the boyfriend to the point of sending him off in an ambulance.  We came home as the EMS was leaving the street.  When I relayed the episode to my boys and one girl the boys only comment was “Hm, well that makes sense.”  Oh dear… the girl won’t ever get to date!!!

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