Journal entry May, 1995


I found my journal!!  Ok, I found it again 😉  I did the first part of my ‘diary found’ entries while I was in Florida on vacation.  I somehow misplaced the book so I was unable to continue that series.  I now have it again and will be sharing the second journal entry from a short stint of journaling I did my senior year.  Again, I will not be editing what was written.  You get me as I was at 18.

May 15, 1995
   Only four more days of school left for this high schooler!!  I am so ready for this.
   I am home on Friday and bored stiff.  There is no one to call and no one called me.  Have they forgotten I am alive?  They got used to me being with Cam all the time.  They probably think I have no time for them.  It’s not true of course.  David has been real spacey lately.  i wonder what’s up?
   I’ve been thinking a lot about college.  I really hope I find a large group of friends to hang out with.  I want to be so busy my head spins.  I also want to find a guy.  I feel real empty.
   It’s just one of those down times when a hug from Dawn would really help.  Maybe God would help but I’ve felt real out of touch lately.  I part, but I mostly pray for an effective Mission Trip and college knowledge.  I feel anxious.  I’m ready to get on with my life, you know.
   I jammed a metal wire brush into my finger yesterday.  It left dirt, rust, and metal embedded in my skin. it hurt so bad.  I can’t believe I did it.  I was just cleaning of the grill for steaks 😦


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