TopTen John Wayne Movies

Top Ten {Tuesday}I really enjoy Netflix for so many reasons, but recently it has allowed me to enjoy my favorite John Wayne movies.  I learned to love ‘The Duke” through my father.  I now pass along this tradition with my own children.  Here are my favorites:

10.  The Horse Soldiers
Wayne plays a Union officer on a mission to New Orleans.  He must take out a bridge to break supply lines of the Confederacy, he never counted on meeting a woman who was willing to do anything to support her beloved south.

9. The War Wagon
Wayne plays a man who returns home to find his ranch taken by the man who framed him.  His sole purpose in life is to get his ranch back and make the double crosser pay dearly for it.  The mission is to attack the man’s “war wagon” full of gold.

8. The Quiet Man
An American boxer return to his mother’s homeland, Ireland.  He buys her family home and falls in love with a local red-haired gal.  The older bachelor brother does not approve of the match.

7.  Cahill, U.S. Marshall
Wayne plays a workaholic who has realized his mistakes and is working on his relationship with his son.

6.  Big Jake
Everyone thought Big Jake was dead.  He appears when his grandson is kidnapped and he must find the men who did it.

5. Stagecoach
Wayne’s debut  movie.  A drifter rides the stagecoach only to get embroiled with the other passengers after an Indian attack.

4. McClintock
Wayne plays a cattle baron whose wife has left after finding lipstick on her husband’s collar.  The marital conflict explodes when their only daughter returns from school and each parent has an idea of what the future of their daughter looks like.

3. Sons of Katie Elder
A dysfunctional family of boys come back together when their mother passes away.  Trouble ensues when the brothers discover that their family ranch was stolen from their drunk father by the man who also murdered their father.  Wayne plays the oldest brother trying to clean the family name in the home town where is it well muddied.

2.  The Undefeated
Rivals on the Civil War battlefield becomes allies when the Confederate Colonial is trapped by a Mexican Don.  Forced to supply thousands of horses or watch his family die the Colonial has to take the horses from Wayne’s outfit.  John Wayne and Rock Hudson make a great team in this movie!!
The Undefeated

My number one, all time favorite John Wayne movie:

1. Eldorado

My absolutely favorite Wayne movie of all time!!!  Wayne plays a hired gun moving around the territory of TX.  He is approached by a man wanting to hire him to force a drunken sheriff to leave town so a cattle mogul can rule the area.  He refuses to take the job because his good  friend is the sheriff they are trying to destroy.  Add a green kid who can’t shoot and a wild old Indian fighter and you have great comedy with classic John Wayne one-liners!!

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