FF in like a lamb

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Welcome to my Friday Fragments.  These random offering are brought to you by the letter M and the number 8.  They are hosted Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissin Time.  Step on over and share some of your own 😉

I am going to beg, just briefly, for folks to stop by on Monday.  I have a very special Memory Lane to share.  You don’t have to link in, that is not necessary, but I am writing a tribute to my Great-Aunt Irene who passed from this world this week.  She was an amazing woman and one I admired my whole life.  Please stop by to get to know one very classy lady.

March has entered the year coming like a lamb for us 😦  We never had a decent winter, nothing really froze over.  So the news folks here in DC are warning us all that the bugs are going to be horrible this year because nothing died off this ‘winter’.  Oh yea, that means nasty stink bugs and ants for me.  My boys are going to be happier than pigs in slop, and I will be forced to rinse all my PB jars really well for bug catching 😉

Tweets to share for this week: (some of these are a bit old)

“It has been my experience that folks who have no vices 
have very few virtues.” Abraham Lincoln
“Cambron says on 100th day of Kindergarten his class will dress like 100yr olds. 
 Asked what he should wear to look 100: “Maybe your shirt daddy.”
“Update: Doctors confirm John Edwards heart condition is karma.”
“TIP: studies show snorting coffee 99% more effective for morning ‘pick me up’.
“If you think paper beats rock, hold this piece of paper 
in front of your face for a second…”

I love watching Criminal Minds, even though some episodes are quite disturbing.  The last one on my DVR was about a parental duo who were covering for their son’s violent outbursts by dumping the dead body and scrubbing up the blood trail in their own home.  Very disturbing.  I love my children, but I would never cover for them like that 😦
On that note, I watched half an episode of Bayou Billionaires.  I was also disturbed.  It was a much more intense sensation than watching really old folks get out of a Cobra Mustang.  These folks have money just rolling towards them, quite literally.  A  natural gas tap was found on their property.  After I watched them go to an auction to just buy stuff that they put in their already packed garage.. just to discuss that they should hold a garage sale irritated me.  They also chose to blow some money on a top notch video crew to help them shoot a commercial for their garage sale.  I couldn’t help but wonder what real use and good that money should have been used for.  I am no socialist, and those folks have this money coming in from their own property, however, just blowing it because you have it is a real waste.  There are folks in our country who don’t have a job right now and can’t feed their families or pay for their homes.  Not a good show.

11 thoughts on “FF in like a lamb”

  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your great aunt. I will look forward to your Monday post.Love the quotes — especially Abraham Lincoln.:-)Traci

  2. Sorry about your aunt, my condolences. I enjoyed your fragments this week–never watched either of those shows but that Criminal Minds one sounds interesting. I’ve read some books that may you question how far would you go for your kids. I’m just enjoying this mild winter and not worrying about the summer–I can’t remember ever having a winter with so little snow and such warm temperatures! I LOVE IT!

    1. The mild winter has been great for my hubby who commutes long distances, but the kids have missed the snow 😉 I always learn something new from your fragments 🙂

  3. Love Criminal Minds. But have to say … I have endured some troubled nights’ sleep because of it!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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