Well, that’s why!!!

Golly, who owns this blog??  There’s hardly anything updated or mentioned.. I mean is the owner around here??

Oh wait, that would be me.  Don’t I feel sheepish.  I would love to say that I was so super busy that I just couldn’t manage a full blog post, but that would be a bit of a white lie.  Yes, it has been busy here, but it has also been very stressful.  We are at the moment of the military PCS where you just want it to be over, enough of the waiting around for things to happen.  Like the hours before getting a shot… the anticipation can almost kill you more than the actual pain of the shot.

We came home from our house hunting trip to AK completely bummed out.  The homes that we chose to take a second look at sold right out from under us.  We got into a bidding war on a lake house that we both loved, but we had the real fear that we could become ‘house poor’ instead of having the extra funds to enjoy and travel all over Alaska.  Sunday deserves a blog post all itself, because God is amazing!!  In the midst of a storm, He grants a ray of light and the promise that the storm won’t last forever.

We then had a week of sorting out corners, getting rid of things, cleaning the house, doing some initial vehicle hunting, and a weekend of hiking in Shenandoah National Park.  Such a lovely place to walk out all your troubles!!!

That led to this week’s stress.  While we were traveling to and from Shenandoah, the transmission on the old family van was slipping very badly.  So both Saturday on the way back home and Sunday we stopped by various car lots and checked out vehicles.  By that, I mean that we made our kids pile into various vans and SUV’s to test leg room, and usability.    Not an easy feat, let me tell you!!!  After long hours of discussion, the Honda folks in Germantown gave us a great deal and we qualified for the super tiny interest rate.  So we have a new van, but alas, it is still a minivan.

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