give thanks

Day Thirteen

A PCS is not complete until you have filled every nook and cranny with those final dinner parties and sleepover goodbyes!

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I failed this past month in taking photos with every final playdate and get together we had, but as military away from family, our friends help us to get past the homesickness. We have had wonderful friends who have willingly had our large crew over to their home and folks who have warmed our house too! I hate that it sometimes takes us leaving before I treasure the people God has placed in our lives. Treasure those who are in your life now! Be thankful for the blessings you have been given NOW. Don’t wait until they have been taken from you before you recognize the blessing they were!

I am very thankful for this lady here! We hadn’t been in Alaska 3 months before I fell and broke my arm. She opened her home to 5 kids she hardly knew while her new neighbor went to 2 different ER’s and an early morning surgery. She was a huge blessing to me in a very scary situation.

I will be posting photos as soon as I get to a wireless connection where I can get the pics from my phone onto this post.

What are you thankful for this week? Who around you has blessed you this week?

This is part of a blogging series Planning a Military Move.


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